Venture Aluminum Roller
Venture Aluminum Roller
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Venture Trailers VAR-2425 Single Axle Roller 185/80D 13 LRD 5H 2425 89" 16'-18' 2"
Venture Trailers VAR-3025 Single Axle Roller 215/75D 14 LRD 5H 3025 100" 18'-20' 2"
Venture Trailers VAR-3325 Single Axle Roller 225/75D 15 LRD 6H 3325 100" 20'-22' 2"
Venture Aluminum 2425-18025 Load Capacity

Venture Aluminum 2425-18025 Load Capacity

Venture Aluminum Roller

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Ranked highest for performance, Venture bunk trailers are suggested for boaters who load and launch less frequently. They are good for boaters who store their boats and provide efficient support for the hull. There is also less maintenance necessary for bunk trailers. They are used best for cored hulls as well as boats with less glass.
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