2021 Sea Doo Spark Trixx
2021 Sea Doo Spark Trixx 2021 Sea Doo Spark Trixx
2021 Sea Doo GTI SE

2021 Sea Doo GTI SE

2021 Sea Doo Spark

2021 Sea Doo Spark

2021 Sea Doo Spark Trixx

The 2021 Spark Trixx makes pulling off tricks super easy, jump on and you won't want to get off all day! The 3UP adds stability with its extended platform and tow sport capability to add to the fun.

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2021 Sea Doo Spark Trixx
  • The Trixx package allows you to have the most fun on the water with dips, turns, dunks, whips, and spins, you name it!
  • The extended range Variable trim system (VTS) allows for more control of the PWCs position in the water.
  • The optional BRP portable audio system lets you bring your tunes with you in a small waterproof housing that packs some punch.
  • Step wedges on the watercraft provide more comfort and stability in stand up riding positions.
  • The Polytech hull material is tough durable and color-in molding makes it very scratch resistant. 
  • The adjustable riser allows you to put the handlebar where you want it and change it for someone else or a different riding position.
  • The extremely responsive sport mode gives you top performance from your PWC.
  • Intelligent brake and reverse (iBR) gives you more control on those short stops and when docking.
  • Closed-loop cooling system keeps the engine safe from any debris or corrosive water that could get in.
More Information
Brand Sea Doo
Horse Power 90
Boarding Ladder Yes
Brakes Yes
Reverse Yes
Suspension No